Monday, February 02, 2004


I am 1 year old in the world of blogging. Not just on this blog, as I only moved here 6 months ago, but in my former life as the Happy Hippy. I only changed to the black dove site due to Blogger not wanting to update the other one, but it's worked out better in the end I think. I have managed to design this blog (old one was just templates) and it's more to my liking. Not sure if the content's changed much in 1 year - I suppose the difference is now I have a regular audience, I have found my "voice" a bit more. It's quite hard to write entertaining pieces when you think that no one is actually reading it. Have just been perusing my own archives, and nothing has changed at all - I still obsess about hairstyles, still watch Crimewatch with the lights off, still read a lot of books, and still moan a lot about night shifts.... aah the consistency!

I am planning to figure out how to add in a photos page to the site, and also a splash / index page of some sort (with the domain name I bought almost a bloody year ago and haven't used at all yet!).

Other news - been on a massive music download-fest: new additions to the Kazaa folder include: Amy Winehouse "Frank" [chilled-out, jazzy, sort of like Lauren Hill meets Jill Scott], Norah Jones "Feels Like Home", Zero 7 "When It Falls", Joss Stone "The Soul Sessions" [downloaded purely for the brilliance of the White Stripes cover Fell In Love With A Boy...she's only 16 as well! amazing!], Air "Talkie Walkie" and some other chilled out vibes. Beautiful.


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