Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Albanian beans have not cured my flu, and I am now off sick with the nose from hell. On a good note, have now booked the flights to Kosova for April (for 2 weeks) which we are both really looking forward to. As it was quiet yesterday, I managed to look up some Albanian-language learning websites and sat and did that for about an hour or so. One of The Boyfriend's friends from school is getting married while we are over there, so I will get to go along to that (ooh must buy new outfit and shoes!). Plus there are plenty of internet cafes in Prishtina, so I will be able to blog (phew!).

Have just had a most bizarre conversation with my friend - she said her boyfriend bought her a skirt from Spitalfields market, but she can only see herself wearing it once or twice, so she wants to go back and swap it for... a poncho (which, apparently, she will wear "all of the time")....hmm.

Have been awake since 7.30am today, perhaps due to feeling guilty because I'm not at work.. or perhaps because I only had 400 pages to read of That Book and am now desperate to find out what happens! So this morning I lay in bed next to the snoring one, and read about another 60pages. Do you think I can get this book finished before I am supposed to go back to work on Tuesday??!

And until the Great Kosovan Adventure, as a tribute to that man who is learning Swedish, I will attempt to learn one Albanian word a day.... Today's word is pamje which means view.

[for pronunciation, see here]


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