Sunday, January 18, 2004

What's new in the world of The Dove?.... not a lot. Hoping to make some extra cash by selling some old textbooks on Amazon. Only put them on last night and have sold one already. Trying to have a "clear out your clutter" moment really. Next stop: the wardrobe (but I have said this a million times before).

In the cold light of January, here are the NY Resolutions, revised edition:

1. Buy a house - already making progress with this one, as have applied for the KeyHomebuyer scheme. Just waiting to hear back now.
2. Look after hands - having a job which entails washing your hands a million times a minute is not really good for your skin.
3. Do more creative writing - this one hasn't happened so far...plenty time in 2004 left tho.
4. Write in journal - have started up a new, private blog for this purpose.
5. not to buy any more books till 2005 - haha broke this one already (but it was a psychology textbook, does that still count? I meant novels anyway... ahem). But I am clearing more space by selling some old books. So I can afford to replace them no?
6. Sort out wardrobe situation - yes, this new addition is a must. My clothes are bursting out of the bedroom, and I don't even wear half of them.
7. Make more time to tidy up / do housework. I am v.slack with this one. Usually we have one room which is fairly tidy, but due to there being NO storage space in our flat whatsoever, and us generally being fairly untidy anyway, haven't done so well with this one so far.


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