Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Went to bed last night at around 8.30pm with electric blanket and book. Was intending to have a spook-fest at 9pm with Crimewatch and the lights off, but unfortunately fell asleep. Awoke at 8.30 this morning feeling refreshed, but starving... but still no snow in London bah!

Tis The Boyfriend's (36th) birthday today, but unfortunately he's working in a gay bar (no, really). Haven't quite got round to getting him a pressie yet...did see nice army-type jacket in Gap t'other day, but it requires trying on, so no surprise presents this year methinks. A trip to Oddbins might be on the cards.

I'm going to brave the cold and battle public transport to get me to the gym ASAP.... then I can be back in the flat by lunchtime and remain all nice and toasty for the rest of the day. The word "biddy" springs to mind.


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