Saturday, January 03, 2004

Pointless discussion of the day (number1):

Me and The Boyfriend had a conversation about there being five taste sensations - including that "new" one, Umami. Now I am not convinced that "Umami" is any different from being salty to be honest... I can't see the difference between soy sauce and salt... but anyway. This discussion was perhaps more interesting than normal, due to the fact thet The Boyfriend has no sense of smell. Even though I am a nurse, I have never met or heard of anyone (pre-The Boyfriend) who has this... and it even has a name - "Anosmia". Interestingly, he cannot taste the difference between lemon and lime, mint and parsley, gin and vodka... etc etc. Or salt and umami perhaps. Having a boyfriend who has no sense of smell has its pros and cons - on the up side, I can let one slip without anyone being the wiser. However, there have been numerous occasions when he has been cooking and has forgotten about it and has not been able to smell the smoke coming from the kitchen.

The Boyfriend was told once that he would be able to have an operation to correct his lack-of-smelling..... but he thinks it might just be too weird. Not having smelled anything for 35 years (old git!) and then being bombarded with a million and one smells all at once. I think he should go for it however. And then we might have a more even-footed discussion about salt and umami. Or maybe not.

P.S. This pseudo-intellectual discussion soon degenerated into us doing the Bob-and-Vic "Uvavu" and "Eranu" noises with matching facial expression accompaniment. How juvenile. But there you go.


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