Sunday, January 25, 2004

I am just about to start a book: The Quincunx, by Charles Palliser. I picked this up in an odd little bookshop in North Shields (Tyneside) called Keel Row Books. This bookshop is a rummager's paradise, as it's actually a semi-detached townhouse filled with books in every room. Even the staircases are lined with books. It's run by a nice chap called Bob (always a winner!). If you're planning a visit, best to go in summer, as the upstairs rooms have no heating. Many an afternoon has been spent shivering in a winter coat in the upstairs back room looking for bargains. And there are many to be had - I picked up the Quincunx book for about three quid. So what you say, well it is brand new (no creases on the spine here, folks), in mint condition and is a door-stopper at 1200 pages. So if you are ever in the chipper north-east of England and fancy a rummage, check it out. Meanwhile, I'm off to start said book...


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