Sunday, January 25, 2004

Feel like I need some fresh air today - maybe a long walk in Regent's Park or Hampstead Heath will do the trick... I find my place of work a bit depressing sometimes, as there's no windows (and 99% of the patients smell of wee or parmesan-feet). Sometimes you just need to get out in the open, no?

Had a bizarre dream about Noddy Holder from Slade - even in the dream I was thinking "how come so many women in the '70s found him attractive". Also present was the bass player from The Darkness. Weird. I managed to be in bed by 10pm, watched tv for amoebas (The Luvvies), and then fell asleep until 9.30am. So I am up brght and early and am intending to make the most of it. Don't feel like going to the gym today... so parks here I come!

Oh, and comments are not working for some reason....


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