Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Embarrassing moments no. 245

Oh dear! I was out shopping (again!) today and I was in a shoe-shop with a friend. I tried on some knee-length pointy boots (as you do)... and I realised I had got the zip stuck. That piece of material that lines the zip had somehow got caught in it half-way up, and it wouldn't budge. I tried discretely pulling it in both directions, but no luck. Fortunately I was with a friend, and this provided no end of merriment. Especially since I haven't shaved my legs for some days, and they were not a sight I really wanted to draw attention to. However, as said boots were £60 I was keen to remove them incase I couldn't get them off and was made to pay for them. I signalled to the shop girl, who could see my predicament. She went away to "get something", while I had to remove my coat due to a profuse sweating attack. Feeling quite flustered by this point (but still in good humour) I was pleased to see the shop girl return with a shoelace. She mysteriously tied it to the zipper, and pulled the zip up with brute force. As if by magic, the zip went down again with no problem. I then removed myself from said boot, and heaved a sigh of relief. Oh and I bought a different pair of boots (the purple ones the girl is wearing in that picture below... I shall have to re-enact the image below once The Boyfriend gets home hehe). Half price as well mind! Aah the trauma was all worth it in the end...


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