Friday, January 09, 2004

Aah! Day off tomorrow! phew... just worked the past 2 days (which may not sound like much to you mon-fri 9-5ers, but for me doing two days in a row at 12 and half hours each shift is more than enough, thank you very much). Just having a nice glass o'wine (well, on number three now.. see Billy's very relevant post)and singing along to the RHCP. Here's the past two days of my life in numbers:

3 - number of homeless men's dangly bits I have happened to see by accident (one complete with living infestation)
2 - number of nurses on other wards who have implied I am not doing my job properly (feck orf evil witches!... err can you tell I had a couple of glasses of wine yet?)
1 - number of patients' shoelaces I have had to tie that were caked in human faeces (and one was more than enough)
5 - number of DVDs that arrived by post (hurrah!)
0 - number of DVDs that I have had time to watch thus far
25 - (approx.) number of lovely 2 bedroom flats in south london i have looked at on the internet
100 - the number of pounds sterling I have wasted paying my ruddy electricity bill for the last quarter
8 - the number of twelve hour shifts The Boyfriend will have done in a row by Monday (isn't that illegal or something?)
4 - number of days I have been trying to contact the psychology woman with no reply
3 - number of glasses of wine that will have been consumed in the past two hours

And there you have it. [ and you wonder why I want to leave nursing?! ]


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