Thursday, December 04, 2003

Went to an ashtanga yoga class last night for the first time in ages... and my god do I ache today?! I did enjoy it tho, which is probably why I went into it gung-ho, full-tilt....hence the aching muscles! Was planning a return visit today to the gym, but I might have to give it a miss. Throat is also getting a bit sore... not again!

Relevant web-snippets:

Article on Boosting your Immunity

Questionnaire to determine your Ayurvedic dosha ... I'm a Pitta. But have somehow worked out that I have a Vata imbalance (hence the tonsillitis, fatigue and general feeling shittiness). Wish me luck as I embark upon the great Vata Balancing Diet Plan......

Bugger! Have just noticed that I am supposed to avoid apples... yesterday I bought two 1kg bags of Granny Smith's. I can eat them cooked tho...stewed fruit anyone?

Think I might toddle on down to Portobello Market to stock up on 'allowed' fruit + veg.


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