Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The past week, in numbers

Bottles of champagne drunk: 1
Minutes spent queuing for gown / photos etc at graduation ceremony: 80
Number of Rothko paintings seen in the Tate Modern: 6
Rich tea biscuits my mum eats in bed every morning at 8am: 2
Egyptian mummies seen at the British Museum: about 12
Mince pies eaten: 2
Number of times The Boyfriend has attempted to recreate the Beyonce dance from the Crazy Right Now video (it was a bit more David Brent than Beyonce): 2
Books bought (despite the no-more-book-buying-till-I've-read-the-ones-I've-got resolution): 4 (The Little Friend, Northern Lights, In Cold Blood, and The Autograph Man)
Money spent M+S Food: £30
Minutes it took me to get hair + make-up done for the graduation: 70
Times I've thought about giving up everything to go to India and live in a yoga commune: 2
Dishes eaten containing spinach: 3


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