Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The milky bars are on me! (part two)

I got a letter today from the Inland Revenue. Thinking it would be just another dull report on how I need to pay more tax or just a P60 or something equally dull, I stuffed it in my handbag for later. Just opened it now and it's a cheque for £600!!!!! I have yet to quite figure out quite why they have sent it to me.. it says something about "repayment of income tax for the year 2001-2002".....?? I am itching to get on the bus to Oxford Street and get shopping, while at the same time I am hoping it's not some kind of cruel mistake.

Aah imagine all the coats / bags / shoes / books I can buy!! Oh and the odd Xmas pressie for the family (obviously).


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