Friday, December 26, 2003

Blogging from Newcastle...

Had a lovely Xmas yesterday... went to my uncle's house (who I've not seen for years). There was 12 people, and he got rather carried away with the festive cooking thing... we had eleven courses, each with its own wine and drinks. Food was very nice... and they bought a M+S parsnip and nut roast especially for me (being an awkward veggie and all). Each course had a new round of presents for everyone, and the whole day was truly fabulous. The meal was rounded off with vintage Moet and caviar (I passed on the fish eggs)... Much better than a quiet day spent at home with a vegetarian curry and Eastenders (which is what I'd probably have done had I stayed at my house!).

Present-wise, I have accrued some Armani perfume (from The Boyfriend), lots of chocolates, smellies, some cosy slippers and Belgian choccie biccies (they'll last about 5 minutes in our house). I know it's not about the presents, but it helps no?

Anyway, I am not normally bothered by Xmas, but the effort that The Uncle put in and meeting up with lots of cousins and people I've not seen for years was really great. Only bad thing was The Boyfriend had to stay at home in London, due to him being loaded with flu. Typical!! I did feel a bit guilty leaving him to snivvel by himself, but he insisted I came up anyway and it'd be rude not to... There's always next year...


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