Monday, December 29, 2003

Back in the Big Smoke

Well, the trip to Newcastle was brief but much-enjoyed. Actually, having thought about the excesses and merriment of Christmas Day, I thought the other day how far I've come [serious blogging alert!]. Even this time last year, the thought of having to sit down and eat a massive meal with other people would have filled me with dread (and in fact is probably the reason I have not been up to Newcastle for Xmas for the past three years or so). I should point out to newer readers I have had an eating disorder in the past, and hence why big meals were not really terribly 'enjoyable'. But this year I have really enjoyed Xmas, and enjoyed the eating and everything, without worrying about how fattening everything was. And I can honestly say that this year, one of my new year resolutions will not be to lose weight. For the first time in many years! I suppose that for many people (and probably most men) this post seems a bit strange... but from someone who has had "eating problems" for ten years of their life, to actually say you've enjoyed Christmas is a major achievement. I am secretly quite pleased (and surprised!) with myself.


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