Sunday, November 16, 2003

I have said it before and I'll say it again - I really am going to try to stick with it this time... I will not buy anymore books until I have read the ones I have bought already. Which is a shame, because I'm dying to read Donna Tartt's The Little Friend, but have resisted buying it so far. This week I started reading one of my birthday books the Frank Skinner autobiography, and I'm about two-thirds of the way through now. Very easy reading, and very funny. But what to read next? Feel like I should educate myself and read that Charles Dickens book my dad bought for me (my dad runs the North of England branch of the Charles Dickens Fellowship, where they meet up and discuss Charles Dickens and watch plays and that sort of thing, it all sounds a bit Radio 4 for me), and to be quite frank I think he's horrified that I have never read any C.D.

At a rough estimate, there must be at least 60 books gathering dust on my bookcase (and under the bed, and under the shelves), none of which have been read (I must point out I do have other books, on top of the 60 which have been read). So that's it, it's decided, I will read all (or at least some) of the great unread before I buy anymore books. And besides, I don't actually have any room for any more books in this flat. The books have taken over already. Perhaps I should do a Bookslut and make a list and review them as I read them (although mine probably wouldn't be as cultured as theirs is). Right...I'm off to gargle with salt.


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