Saturday, October 18, 2003

Well it's Saturday, my early birthday (actual birthday is on Monday, but as that's a rather anti-social day to have a birthday in my opinion, the celebrations start here). As I sit here with my hair dye on (Nicky Clarke's Licorice ruining another perfectly good towel), I am quite looking forward to tonight!

Also this week I am investigating health clubs, and which ones look like potential places to harbour my urge to sweat and humiliate myself in public. Rang up the Third Space this morning, which looks fab I must say. However, it's so fab it's around £100 per month, which may be a little bit out of my price range. Had a look at the Holmes Places ones as well, which seem a bit cheaper (£60-£70 a month). Have a friend who goes to GymBox in Holborn, which does special deals for "key workers", of which I am now one apparently. That one is £50 a month. Hmm... whoever thought this could all be so complicated? I am looking for pampering, luxury, a steam room, kick-boxing and spinning classes, and all on the cheap. Methinks I might not get quite what I am looking for...


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