Tuesday, October 07, 2003

That flat last night was actually in Finchley Central, and not Golders Green. Bit far out as it was past the North Circular (I apologise to our non-London readers). Not a bad flat, price-wise could have been a bit less, and would have been better if it'd been nearer the tube. So we will just keep looking. But I do quite fancy Hendon / Golders Green or Finchley as my new place of residence. Just a bit more leafy and generally more safe at night. And all those bagel shops! I used to live in Hendon a few years ago and fell in love with bagels! It was marvellous.

I suppose my main requirements for a new suitable living area would be: somewhere green nearby to run in and go for long walks, a supermarket nearby, and somewhere where it's ok to go out at night by yourself and not feel that you're about to get mugged. I do like Queen's Park, but we are almost at bursting-point in our 1 bedroom flat here, and to rent a bigger place in this area would possibly break the bank. Oh well... just gotta keep on looking.

By the way - I started a new NaNoWriMo blog, to keep all that writing stuff separate from the main page. You can find the link at the top there, where it says "writing".


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