Sunday, October 05, 2003

Night out review

Last night we were wanting to go out, but wanted to try somewhere new. So we headed to glamourous Swiss Cottage to this new bar Establishment, which we knew nothing about, and for no other reason than a) it's on the number 31 bus route and is therefore easy to get home, and b) it used to be the Cube Bar many moons ago, and we quite liked it there. We got there around 8pm and we were the only ones in there save for a barman. And it was freezing. So we sat there for about 45mins with our coats on shivering into our Pinot Grigio, and then people started coming in around 9pm. Up to that point they'd been playing sort of funky salsa / house type music, which was fine. I noted on a flyer (and also on their website I see it) it states: "Gorgeous People, Beautiful Music". Had I seen that before I went in I might have thought twice about entering the premises.

Anyway, after 9pm it all went a bit downhill music-wise (for us anyway). It went a bit Sean-Paul. Now everyone else in there seemed to be enjoying it, but err Sean Paul is not really my scene. Anyway, we stuck it out till 11pm and then hopped on the lovely 31 bus home. To listen to a bit of Coldplay.

And then we got there a nice bar (and by nice I mean smart, clean and quite trendy looking) anywhere that plays decent music (and by decent I mean 'with guitars in'). I like indie / alternative music, however I don't dress like I do, and I don't want to sit in a dingy pub to listen to it. So why are there no nice bars that play that type of music?


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