Saturday, October 04, 2003

Lovely Nigella

I was watching Jonathon Ross last night, and my ears perked up at the mention of him having Nigella Lawson as a guest on next week's show. Lovely Nigella. Now her cookery programmes are no longer on tv, life is dull. There's something about her, obviously she is very beautiful with her flowing hair and her Italian brown eyes, but it's more the fact that she defies everything women are "taught" (whether explicit or otherwise) about food and how they're supposed to enjoy it. Lovely Nigella makes food sexy, in the way that she just doesn't give a shit about calories or putting on weight or any of that "womany stuff", but she just eats food for sheer enjoyment. And to be honest, she looks more sexy than those skinnies on Sex and the City and all other programmes of that ilk. It's so refreshing. Having had various "problems" (ahem) with food in the past, I find delight in Lovely Nigella's cooking programmes, as she makes it ok to actually enjoy food. Especially when you compare her to other women doing cooking items on TV... Eg. Rosemary Connelly, Joanna Hall etc, who are all about so-called "healthy" eating and dieting and deprivation and conforming to the ideal of what women should be and what they should be seen to be eating...

I'll get off me soapbox now.


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