Friday, October 03, 2003

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of posts this week... have just been dead busy with work and everything. Just finished days, and now have 3 days off to sort my sleeping out for nights on Tuesday aargh! New job is going well, the people are nice and friendly, and I'm slowly settling in. Patients are a bit dodgy, but they usually are haha!! (just kidding... or am I?!)

I am a bit perturbed by my mates from college - it's my birthday soon, in about 3 weeks, and they are "organising" something... all very hush hush and now I'm getting worried. I just wanted to go out for a meal and then on to the Social or somewhere that plays decent music...and all the other girls are into clubbing and all that palaver, which I now I'm panicking. Fingers crossed they are kind to me.

Oh and it's nice to see some new lurkers in the comments pages!


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