Thursday, October 16, 2003

I had the most bizarre dream last night: I was on a London Bus in Newcastle with a Greek man who was incredibly tall and was called Yannis. Then he tricked me, and I got off the bus by myself thinking that new pal Yannis would join me. However, he stayed on the bus. Then somehow I was in a very large house (VERY large) and there were lots of doors. I went up al the stairs to the top and the top floor somehow belonged to Professor Robert Winston, although there were no locks on any of the doors and no signs to say who lived where, so you could just wander in. I found myself wandering around his house in secret. Then he suddenly came home, and me (and my Dad, who'd not been in the dream up to now) had to hide behind his sofa. Unfortunately he found us and threw us out. What the hell does that mean??

Interesting web-find of the day: Regulars Reunited - a place to find your old drinking buddies.


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