Sunday, September 21, 2003

I have managed to aquire a raging cold and I start my new job tomorrow aargh! Now I am going to go there hoping to make a big impression but ending up sounding like that bloke off the "Tunes" advert (other menthol cough sweets are available). Anyway, am feeling very non-chalant about the whole thing, hopefully I will realise the enormity of the event on the way to the new job tomorrow.

Had a nice day today - went to a wedding which took place on a boat on the Thames. Even better - managed to sneak a look at David Blaine as the boat sailed past. Even caught him waving on video camera! Unfortunately standing on the deck of a boat for over 2 hours in heels has ruined my feet for the rest of the week.

Spam e-mail received today:
"click for sucky sucky"
"Girls With Huge Hooters"
"if it points up it is happy"

oh dear. Those bizarre google hits on my site are just about to get a whole lot worse.


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