Sunday, September 28, 2003

Started running again yesterday... fuelled by Ms Radcliffe inspiration, I managed a paultry 15 mins yesterday and 25 today. Hhmph! Still, everyone has to start somewhere and all that. Despite the lack of distance covered, my legs still hurt.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Items I'd send to 'room 101':

~ mushrooms (they're horrid and pointless, quite frankly...dirty things grown in dirty places)
~ people who drop litter (there's just no need!)
~ Busted (about time someone sorted them out...I know they're young, but that's no excuse)
~ hangovers (who needs 'em)
~ cheese plants (hideous '70s tat freaks of nature)
~ moths (I have had a phobia of moths for as long as I can remember... I have even been reduced to tears in the presence fo a big hairy moth. If there's one on the tube I will get off. Get the picture?)
~ the diet industry (evil, spreads massive insecurity among women everywhere... ban it immediately!)

If anyone wants to "Blog ME" and tell me theirs, feel free!

Recently on the NME forums they had a 'discussion' (I use the term loosely) about songs that might be heard in curry houses. Here were the best ones:

1. Paperback Raita
2. Tears on my pillau
3. Tikka to ride
4. Here comes your naan
5. Korma Chameleon
6. Girlfriend in a Korma - The Smiths
7. Bhaji Trousers - Madness
8. It's Bhuna Hard Days Night - The Beatles
9. I'm a Bhaji Girl - Aqua
10. Take That and Chapati - Take That
11. Aloo (Is It Me You're Looking For

Well, it made me chuckle.....but sadly such things do.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Hmm now I'm convinced that no one reads this crap except me.....

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

quite result
Quiet Girl

What kind of little girl were YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

via Gert

Play the David Blaine Assasination Game here! be sure to have the sound turned on!

Haven't had any comments from anyone for ages... and then I realised that everyone is over at Coopblog doing Eloon's / Blue Witch's "Blog Me" thingiebob. Right! Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

Blog me!
What are your top 3 blogs and why?

Mine would have to be
1. Coopblog, because there's always something either hilarious or scandalous to read there!
2. Green Fairy because there's always a feminist-slanted round-up of the latest interesting and often bizarre news
3. Me-ish, because there's so much to be found on that site, it's more than just a blog.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Urgh. I have the flu - big time. Managed to sniff and sneeze my way through the first day of a new job, and then they must've felt sorry for me (or got sick of listening to me sniff!) and they let me out at 2pm. I'm off to snuggle up under the blanket, lie on the settee and watch mindless soaps all night. Bliss!

New job looks promising - staff so far are very friendly and all young, which is always a bonus. On a 12 hour shift tomorrow, so let's hope a night of chilling out can abate the dreaded lurgey.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

I have managed to aquire a raging cold and I start my new job tomorrow aargh! Now I am going to go there hoping to make a big impression but ending up sounding like that bloke off the "Tunes" advert (other menthol cough sweets are available). Anyway, am feeling very non-chalant about the whole thing, hopefully I will realise the enormity of the event on the way to the new job tomorrow.

Had a nice day today - went to a wedding which took place on a boat on the Thames. Even better - managed to sneak a look at David Blaine as the boat sailed past. Even caught him waving on video camera! Unfortunately standing on the deck of a boat for over 2 hours in heels has ruined my feet for the rest of the week.

Spam e-mail received today:
"click for sucky sucky"
"Girls With Huge Hooters"
"if it points up it is happy"

oh dear. Those bizarre google hits on my site are just about to get a whole lot worse.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Bit tiddly here ... been out for a meal in Wagamamas in Bloomsbury and then on to Point 101 for drinkies (where The Boyfriend is working tonight!) with a nice policeman and a nurse from college... hic!

I am drunk and I'm watching QVC!! Help!!

Good luck to anyone doing the Great North Run tomorrow - I did it 4 years ago in 1999, although it nearly killed me! I felt fine immediately afterwards (well a bit tired!) but then I think we didn't sit for long enough after the race and tried to travel home too soon. I had to get off the bus because I almost fainted! How embarrassing! Shame, because I pretty much gave up running after that. I used to like my running, used to run home from work in North Finchley to Queen's Park (about ?7 miles) about 3 or 4 times a week, and would cycle to work the other days. I did all sorts of races and stuff, but the Great North Run was the longest and biggest. I always wanted to do the London Marathon, but kind of got scared after the fainty experience...

Friday, September 19, 2003

Proof that the same side of our brain cannot do 2 different things at once...

While sitting at your desk make clockwise circles with your right foot. While doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

Having a serious lack of cohesive bloggable things to say lately... here's a stream-of-consciousness random snippet of what's in my head at this precise moment in time:

must tidy the house today...Kilroy...sore feet...payslips...need to buy new shoes for work...Beacon Bingo Cricklewood...I had a dream last night I had a gun and shot an electricity pylon down...Liberal Democrats...herbal tea...lack of sleep...I love autumn...creaky shoulder...smelly birdcage...does anyone still read this blog...underarm batwings...Alfred Hitchcock...weightwatchers...asian wedding...Jimi Hendrix...big spider...jaffa cakes...must stop watching daytime telly...achy shoulder...sellotape...I need a holiday...postman...the man downstairs is obsessed with DIY...number 36 bus...Phil and Fern...plop plop plop...

so you see, my brain really is full of crap...

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Does anyone have any remedies for feeling tired all the time? apart from giving up work and living on a Caribbean island that is. I dunno if it's just general laziness on my part, but I am always shattered! and as mother dearest tells me, a young girl like me shouldn't be tired all the time. Quite. I am not anaemic, as I had my iron level checked not that long ago and it was normal apparenltly. I used to do loads of exercise, running and yoga and stuff, and nowadays I just don't have the energy. The intention is there tho, does that count?

I dream of re-vamping my diet and following some uber-healthy ayurvedic diet or something... but never quite get round to it, and the Supernoodles come out once again. Shift work doesn't help, especially when you find yourself eating pasta salad at like 4am on a night shift. Err yummy (bleeurgh).

Anyway, I'm off to solve the problem with a bath and an early night... my remedy for everything!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Aah just worked 24 hours in 2 days and my feet HURT! Proper blogging back tomorrow...

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Sue me!

Upon reading this story about the 12 year old girl who is being sued for downloading music from the internet, I calculated that if someone should wish to sue me, the total damage would weigh in at around £508,345,000 (at £95,000 per song).... blimey o'Reilly, better get saving my pennies up!

I remember in the good old pre-having ADSL at home days (about 3 years ago) when me and The Boyfriend used to go to various EasyEverything sites around London and stay there all night downloading music from the sadly now defunct Napster. I'd always buy the spicy couscous thing from Safeway, and lots of chocolate croissants! Aah happy days...

Interesting article in today's Observer about the Atkins diet

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Don't people who can't do their job properly really irritate you? The only reason I am upthis early (after going to bed at around 1am last night) is because the nusing agency rang me at twenty to nine saying I'm supposed to be working in such-and-such, where am I? I kindlypointed out that I am not booked to work this weekend, and that they have cocked up yet again. But this is so not the first time this has happened. Grr....I'm off to fume in peace...

Friday, September 12, 2003

Thought I'd get organised in case I do go for NaNoWriMo...spent the afternoon planning where my novel will be set and vaguely what might happen....

Finally had the haircut... and I love it! And what's better, it didn't cost me a penny! Had it done at the Toni + Guy Academy. Marvellous!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

I am seriously considering taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. For those that don't know it's a "contest" where you aim to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November. Bit daunting, but worth considering... anyone else up for it??!

Had to cancel my shift today as I just feel exhausted and stressed out. Not sure why really. Not like I'm doing tons of shifts, only averaging about 25 hours a week. Aiming for some serious pampering tonight. You know when you just need a magic button to press to make your life perfect... that is kind of how I feel right now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

At the request of a reader, here's a basic synopsis of the M.A.R.R.I.A.G.E. from hell.....

Age 14: met seemingly nice lad (he was 17) at "the green" in newcastle (park where all the hippies / metallers / goths hung out). Started going out. Parents were horrified to discover that he lived in a children's home (and I went to a private school hehe). Put-me-down comments and pressure for S.E.X. from seemingly-nice-lad-turning-nasty start about here (Eg. you're fat, rubbish, etc etc)

Age 15: seemingly nice lad joins the army and turns into seemingly laddish rogue. Eating problems start about here.

Age 16ish: discover that irritating bugger has been cheating on me with some German woman. Split up momentarily but foolishly get back together. Eating problems get much worse about here.

Age 18: discover that squaddie bastard has been cheating on me for over 2 years with various women (including a woman of "ill-repute"). About here I am in such a state of no confidence that I forgive yet again, and offer to get married for no other reason that I truly believe that I will never meet anyone else.

Age 19: after wedding with no family and hardly anyone there in Ireland, we leave for our new home in Germany. About here eating gets very hectic, weight plummets, exercise regime becomes more punishing, husband from hell makes me cook meals but then clean the whole kitchen before I am allowed to eat. I survive one month in Germany and then am back to England to start uni. Uni very stressful due to horrid phone calls from abroad accusing me of getting up to no good (when I in fact was doing nothing of the sort) and more verbal confidence-knocking.

Age 20: After one year of marriage (although not much of that spent together due to army constraints) it all comes to a sticky end: husband-from-hell and myself now living in army house in London. I go to see college friends in student union, him indoors says it's ok. I ring him to ask him to meet me from tube station as it's late (I'm not drunk in the slightest). Upon meeting me from Tube he starts hitting me in the arm and gettign all rather aggressive for no apparent reason. No one in street intervened. Got home and items were thrown at my head. I phoned a friend and left for her house. Told husband-from-hell he must move out in the next few days. He does so, after packing every single item of furniture and kitchen equipment (including cutlery!) into an impossible-to-get-into large package in the centre of the lounge, and threatening to come back to finish me off, as it were.

Age 21: lose the plot slightly, much drinking, drugs and dieting goes on about here. After failed attempt at counselling through uni, sought help in the form of going to GP. Told him I thought I had an eating disorder. He said "Well life does go on, even if you do have an eating disorder". How very helpful. Managed to get referral to local hospital at the right time, and also start working at local pub whilst at uni about here. Divorce papers come through hurrah!

Age 22: get myself sorted out, finish psychology degree and start going out with nice bloke who also works in pub, who is also current Boyfriend.

I do like happy endings! Sorry it's a bit long and waffly... but you did ask!

Having a bit of a lost-for-words moment.. ie. nothing interesting to blog about..... hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Indecisiveness watch: I think I've decided upon the hairstyle I'm going to go for....

What's all this 44-days-of-starvation-in-a-perspex-box-nonsense all about then, eh? Hardly constitutes sensory deprivation when he's got fantastic views of the River Thames, his notebook and notes from his girlfriend. Plus he's put on so much weight he'll just be getting back to normal by the end of the "feat". And why didn't they just stick him in one of the London Eye pods for 44 days? that way there'd be no note-passing or any other dodgy goings-on.

From the Channel 4 website:

Blaine also expects to begin losing his mind during the latter stages of his stay in The Box

err..hasn't that happened already?

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Too tired to blog tonight as I just did a 12 hour shift in A+E, which was MUCH busier than normal due to another London A+E department being closed for the major incident exercise .... *sigh, my aching legs!! [--> go on, show me some sympathy!!]

I'm off to bed to listen to Ian Collins...

Friday, September 05, 2003

No blogging tonight folks... The Boyfriend is being a grumpy b*stard and has ruined my day. Hhmph.

oh my god. I just saw something on the net about that film Pirates of the Carribbean... only I mis-read it as Pilates of the Carribbean.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Would YOU score highly on the quiz proposed for new applicants for British citizenship? I got 6 out of 10. Does that mean they're going to send me back to Geordieland??
[courtesy of Burnt Toast]

Supernoodle-watch: I haven't had any supernoodles for about two weeks!

OK the latest deep and meaningful debate in the life of yours truly (aside from the hair issue) is how I can spend my money when I finally get some in the new job. The debate is: yoga studio or health club? They both cost around the same (£70 per month I reckon)... but what to do? I originally planned to join up at Triyoga but am not so sure. Holmes Place Cricklewood is another option (especially as they have tons of yoga classes there as well as the gym), as it is also nearer my house. Why am I so indecisive??

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Is this vain? I keep on watching City Hospital (from my soon-to-be new place of work!) and thinking god I really must get a new haircut in case I am on camera!

Any suggestions for suitable cuts would be greatly appreciated... I am not up-to-date on what constitutes a trendy fairly short haircut these days.... I go to Toni + Guy, so I suppose they would have an idea... I always feel better prepared if I go in with a picture. Then you have some comeback if it all goes horribly wrong.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Still feeling headachey and snuffly... hope I'm not coming down with a horrid tropical disease. Methinks I will have an early early night (ie. soon!) and go to bed with my book. Stll ploughing my way through 1984... the first part was quite hard-going, but now the story is a bit more developed in part two so its a bit easier to read. Not sure if it's quite what I want what with not feeling so great and everything, but I will give it a go.

PS I feel sick as well now due to eating a rather large and not quite ready-to-eat avocado. Urgh.

I survived A+E. Quite enjoyed it actually! Feeling rather tired and stiff (which I often do these days int he mornings.. is it a sign of ageing??). Will write more later.