Friday, August 08, 2003

Well we didn't make it to the gig last night... it was WAY too hot to brave the number 31 bus (tiny bus, always packed like sardines!) so we just stayed home and had some drinkies.

THANK THE LORD I've finished my placement now! I am no longer a student nurse! woo hoo! Start my staff nurse job on 22nd September, so I have a few weeks' grace to get myself prepared. Today at work was really hectic.. this poor old man had a hypo (he's diabetic) and then got really drowsy and was semi-unconscious... always happens on your last day!!! You want an easy shift and it's always like that isn't it. After an hour and a half of me + three doctors sweating profusely he was sitting up in bed eating his dinner. Funny how quickly things change. At least the poor bugger's ok now tho...

Well I am off to de-stress with a LARGE glass of white wine and a bit of Jamiroquai...


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