Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Phew! It's fecking hot here in London. Can't complain, otherwise it'll be windy and rainy. I think the whole of the UK is on tenterhooks to see if it really has been the hottest day EVER today... at night in London it's the same temperature as it is in Newcastle during the day (and my mum is coming to stay next week... it's going to melt her!).

This afternoon, as I was blissfully peeing in my own bathroom, I overheard a conversation outside between the bloke from downstairs and the bloke from upstairs. Bloke from upstairs (who has some twentysomething relative staying with him) was telling bloke from downstairs that his relative had been arrested for something-or-other and apparently the police came to search his flat last night. He was telling him he doesn't know if he's been released or what's happening. Crikes! But it was the best eavesdropping I've done in ages!

Apparently tomorrow night we are going to some gig in the Camden Underworld. Even just the name is making me feel overheated!


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