Monday, August 04, 2003

It's the last day of uni tomorrow... and then on the 22nd September I start my job as a fully fledged scary staff nurse... watch out London, I'm coming to get you! It feels a bit sad to leave college, as the past two years have just flown by. But it's not like we have been on placements with our friends much, so we will probably see each other the same amount as we do now.

If anyone has any ideas where I might find a suitable outfit for the following, please do let me know. I've got two Muslim weddings to go to - one in 3 weeks and one in September. For both of them you have to dress "modestly".. ie. no upper arms, cleavage or legs out. Bit restricting... have no idea what to wear. Black trousers is a bit boring for weddings I thought... but then again I haven't been to one since I was 9 so what do I know. One thing I am looking forward to is that both weddings are having Mendhi parties the day before...

Oh I broke my supernoodles period of abstenance yesterday and had a pack of my favourite Mild Curry flavour. Well worth the wait tho.


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