Friday, August 01, 2003

If you don't live in London, this post may be a tad dull... bt then again, it could come in handy if you're planning a visit so listen up. The Silverlink train service is well dodgy. Not the timetabling or the condition of the trains (although sometimes both leave a lot to be desired) but the people on it. For instance, on today's journey between Brondesbury Park and Homerton, there have been malodorous people begging on the train, two fights, large groups of drunken youths with beer cans (hark at me! you'd think I was 104)...there are a few "normal" people travelling, but on the whole it's social drop-outs and stinky people generally (more so than the Tube).... what's going on?

To further add to my love of Hackney, I am going on a work-do to this place the Ocean in Hackney... anyone know it? any good?? Looks surprisingly nice from the website, but then they always do don't they.

Website of the Week: Beer in the Evening: a catalogue of drinking venues across the country. Even allows you to plan pub crawls!


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