Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Got up hideously early (ie. 7.30am... well I am supposed to be on holiday!) due to horrid workmen coming to fix lights / doorbell / leaky toilet / sash windows that don't open. They came and did the whole lot in an hour and buggered off, leaving a whirlwind of chaos and much hoovering to be done. But at least they were quick, bless 'em.

Had some mate of the Boyfriend stay over on the settee last night, he looks like the American John Lennon. Most unnerving. Thoroughly decent chap mind. Don't think he was too chuffed to be woken up so early when they didn't get in until 4am.

So now it's almost 11am and I am stuck for what to do... I feel another trip to the park coming on... after a bit of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, of course. And more toast possibly.

Hmm...I fancy a long walk on Hampstead Heath or somewhere.....


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