Saturday, August 23, 2003

As Eloon reckons the big blog craze this week is "interview me", here are her questions (and my answers)....

1. Describe your perfect day.
I suppose it would be going out for the day with the Boyfriend. Might sound odd, but we don't see much of each other. Despite the fact that we do live together. He is a bar manager, so he sleeps a lot of the day and gets up around 2pm, then leaves for work around 4pm, and comes home around 4am some nights. And what with me working shifts as well, seeing each other for any "quality" time proves quite difficult. So on my perfect day we'd have a nice long walk in a park (perhaps even Kew Gardens, my new favourite place), followed by a coffee and a chat (should I be wishing for something more expensive / unusual?!!). Then in the evening we'd go out for dinner (where I'd have risotto, my favourite!) and have plenty of drinkies and then go home and you can guess the rest hehe. I suppose my perfect day would just be a "normal" day for most people, but since we don't lead "normal" lives time-wise, that's my perfect day.

2. What's the sickest thing you've ever had to do in the course of your nursing duty?
Haha. God there have been so many, where do I start... On my first ever placement I had to take the bile that someone had just projectile vomited, and attempt to measure it. That one was pretty unpleasant. Or more recently we had this young lad in who came in with a number of police officers (he was in custody). He had apparently swallowed a large amount of wraps of crack cocaine in an attempt to hide them from his friends in blue, and every time he went to the toilet (not for wees folks!) he had to do it into a bedpan and yours truly had to fish through the contents checking for wraps of crack cocaine. On a night shift as well. Yes that was pretty unpleasant as well. Sadly I never saw any exciting bits in his bedpan!

There have been too-many-to-mention incidents of cleaning up old ladies with horrendous diarrhoea, etc. But usually the worst incidents do involve number twos. Whoever said nurses don't mind dealing with that type of thing is so wrong.

3. How will you vote in the 2004 London Mayor Election?
Hmm good one. Last time I did vote for Ken, and I may do so again. I think he may not be as popular this time around as he was last time, so I'm not convinced he'd get elected again. I kind of agree with the congestion charge, even tho it's a bit drastic, I think something drastic was needed to stop so many cars going through the centre of town. However, I think there should be discounts for "keyworkers", like nurses, teachers, etc, as the hospitals and schools in the congestion zone may have problems recruiting staff because of the charge.

Saying that, and whilst being a staunch lefty, I do actually like Steve Norris (the Conservative candidate). I used to listen to his radio show on TalkSport, and he does speak a lot of sense (despite being Conservative!). So if I go off Ken (and if he keeps on raising the tube and bus fares, I may just do that!), then Mr Norris would come in a close second. As for other candidates, I am unsure as to who the Labour candidate is. If it's that Nicky Gavron, I doubt if I'd vote for her, purely on the basis of there is something I just don't like about her, but I can't put my finger on it.

4. What is your recipe for Spag Bol?
Do you know that I have never cooked a Spag Bol? Being vegetarian, it's not something I've ever eaten! However, since you asked, I will give you my recipie for my favourite food: risotto!

You need to shallow pan fry an onion and a bit of celery (v. finely chopped) until they are soft. Ideally you should put them in the blitzer until they are like mush, cos this bit os only for extra flavour. When they are soft, add the packet of risotto rice and give it a stir. In another pan you need to have about a litre of vegetable stock (or meat stock if you swing that way). The secret of good risotto is to only add the stock to the rice a ladle at a time. And constantly stir it in. Sounds like a lot of work, but actually it's very therapeutic. And the food seems to taste better the longer you have faffed about with it (that's a technical term actually). So once you have added all the stock to the rice (little by little folks), then you have two choices... for the lower-fat version, add in some philadelphia cheese (other soft cheeses are available) and some low-fat cheddar. Stir in, along with salt + pepper, and any cooked veggies you fancy adding. A nice touch is to add in some lemon juice and a bit of zest. You can add in some fresh coriander as well, which is lovely. The other version comes from the Nigella book where you mix together an egg yolk, lots of parmesan and some single cream and then stir it into the risotto. Then add a bit more parmesan, and the lemon. I love risotto, because it's versatile: you can add in whatever veggies (or meat even) you like, any herbs you like, and anything else you like (but maybe not chocolate). It's such a "comfort-food". But I can really eat and eat with this one, hence the invention of the lower-fat version hehe.

5. Have you/do you ever pander to any boyfriend's requests for nookie in uniform?
Hahaha. Err well let me first point out that my uniform is truly horrid. The student uniform was lovely tapered (bleeeurgh) trousers and a foul blue and white striped tunic. Not exactly a turn-on eh? And before that I was a health care assistant, and I had to wear a big stripey dress, which was even less so. I have been with the same boyfriend for almost 6 years now, and before the nursing job I worked in a health club, so no exciting uniforms there either I'm afraid. We'll see what the new staff nurse uniform brings with it...


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