Sunday, July 27, 2003

It's been a good couple of months since I had a haircut...but now it's starting to show. I normally go to the Toni & Guy Training Academy (cos it's dirt cheap!), but they only do it weekdays at certain times, and right now I am working Mon-Fri. Bummer. I suppose for the next two weeks I will just have to look like the hairy yeti of Queens Park.....

I really should go to the supermarket today; for the past few days I've been mostly eating Super Noodles. Not good. I kept on looking through my cupboards in a Ready-Steady-Cook style thinking if Ainsley can do it with five ingredients and 20mins why can't I? but then I realised I don't have five ingredients, apart from said Super Noodles.

When I read everyone else's blog, you all seem so busy... my life is rather dull in comparison (hence the lack of updates). H is flitting between Canada and Scotland, Cheeks has various "men's problems" (although there has been a noticeable absence in the past few days), and is crying at films, Eloon is living it up, Danny is taking photos of keyboards up trees (??).... lately I feel like all I do is bed and work. But it's only for a couple more weeks, and then I am FREE for at least one month! and then it all starts up again when I get my proper job... but at least then I will have some money to do stuff.... anyway, I'm off to do some yoga and then hit the supermarket. Yawn... or maybe I should just go back to bed!


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